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Yoga Facial Bilingual Class


Face yoga is a quickly rising technique that exercises facial muscles and no, it’snot the same as face massage. WithFace Yoga, the key is in creating resistance and the opposite resistance with the facial muscles and our hands.The technique works directly with the muscles, while with facial massage, the muscle is not actively working. This is why Face Yoga helps to release tension in the muscles, strengthens and tones the muscles, and lifts them up – creating a lifted, toned face.

The fact is that we have more than 50muscles including the neck, face, andskull. These muscles are closely interconnected.Due to gravitation, aging process, and lack of use, they soon start to sag and lose volume. The skin being attached to the facial muscles follows the muscles and starts sagging and wrinkling too.

The Bilingual Class is around 1 hour, 10 exercises with Cecilia. :)


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