Sculpt Pro Gua Sha Stone

$45 $55

Sculpt Pro Gua Sha Tool your advanced stone that eliminates confusion to create lifted cheekbones, raised brows, and softens your fine lines in less time with more ease.


  • promotes lymphatic drainage

  • increases circulation system

  • releases muscle tension in areas such as the jaw, under the eyes, and neck

  • creates a holistic natural lift and contour

  • eliminates fluid build-up and puffiness

How to use:

  • Cleanse the face and apply your Serum

  • Apply your Calm Oil to the face to give your tool some slip

  • Remember to keep your tool as flat against your skin as possible with a medium pressure

  • Start at your neck with the longest edge and move upwards towards the base of your ear and repeat 10x or more

  • Proceed to hold your stone flat against your with the middle of the stone at the corner of your mouth and glide upwards towards the ear and repeat 10x

  • Use the smallest edge with the lightest pressure and glide outwards at your under the eyes towards the temples and repeat 5x

  • Using the longest edge proceed at the top of your brows glide upwards towards your hairline

Remember after each step to glide your stone down towards the neck to eliminate fluid stagnation

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