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Limphatic Drainage Self- Massage Bilingual Class


This Self-massage is the best gift to give to your skin since with the lymphatic movements we give it more oxygenation and elimination of toxins, for this reason, you will begin to feel a lot of luminosity and reduce inflammation.

EFFECTS The muscular action causes a natural activation of the blood supply, this makes it provide more nutrients, growth factors, and oxygen to the skin. This activation helps a regeneration to maintain its firmness, elasticity, hydration, and luminosity.


Always do the facial massage with hydrated skin. Jojoba, argan, coconut, or grape oil.

Each step must be slow and passing our hands up to the lymph and clavicle.

Choose the best time for your message, I recommend you at night.

The contour massage is not a skin massage but a muscle massage that is under the stored fat (for this reason the pressure is not from the fingers but from the hand). Facial bones are pressed.

Make an appropriate force that you feel a comforting pain.

If your lymphatic condition is weak, massage it more gently.

1 hour Class with Cecilia!

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