Lumina Skin Center

Box 2 Cryo sticks

$99 $145

Revitalize Cryo Tools are easy-to-use multifunctional stainless steel that is timeless skincare staples within the treatment room and for home use for your clients.

These can be used with facial oil, sheet masks, or nourishing gel-based facial masks to reduce skin temperature and glide beautifully for an unforgettable experience 


  • Aid in reducing inflammation within the skin and/or active breakouts

  • Reduces puffiness under the eyes and sinuses

  • Increases your circulation and lymphatic system to promote healing

  • Firms and tightens the skin creating a beautiful contour

  • Releases tension and reduces swelling

  • Sterile and easy to sanitize

How to use:

  • Submerge your tools in ice water

  • Cleanse your skin and apply your Balance Serum or Calm Oil

  • Starting at the sides of your nose glide outwards towards your temples and repeat 5x

  • Proceed to your towards your under eyes and glide in figure 8 motions around your eyebrows and eyes, repeat 5-10x

  • Proceed to the center of your brows and forehead gliding in circular motions out towards your temples, repeat 5x

  • Glide down towards your cheeks to your jawline using a circular motion, repeat 5-10x

  • Proceed to the center of your chin and glide outwards towards the base of your ear, repeat 5-10x

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